Apple launched the iPad 2 at an event in San Francisco.
Revealing it to be faster and thinner than the original iPad, with two cameras and a gyroscope!

Expected Release Date: 25th March.

I remember it was around May 2010 when the iPad was first launched in the UK. Since then apple claims that they have sold nearly 15million tablets. Everyone was so hyped and excited about this ‘technological wonder’.
All flaws and little user faults were shadowed by the brand and concept (design)…. ‘It was a design that makes you happy’ But…
Could it have been more functioning? More usable with more purpose to it? I don’t know, maybe! All I know is that if I did buy the iPad back in May 2010: It would have kept me happy and busy for the first 3-4 months,  then I would have just pick it up from my desk from time to time… maybe to keep myself occupied!
9 months later Apple would have just launched a new one!
The iPad 2 better looking, better functioning.. with maybe a bit more purpose to it!
Basically when all comes to an end I would have been sitting there and wondering; where has my money gone?..
So what do I do now! Do I scrap this and buy the iPad 2… or just wait for the iPad 3?
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