All the updates and regular changes to Facebook, have annoyed quite a lot of users in the past and caused a hassle within the Fb community.  Although I was simply never ’emotionally effected’ by any of the updates (considering that I do classify myself as a regular user of Fb), I think its the simple fact that people are afraid of ‘change’!! afraid but yet accept it!

– the truth is in time ‘change’ takes over and complaints fade away!

Anyway I’m going to get straight to the point. Most of you are probably aware of what’s around the corner for Fb users and already some have accepted it: Ladies and Gents I present to you, The Timeline:

What do I think of it? At the moment I’m trying it out and I quite like the layout of the page header but not a praticular fan of the columns.  Anyway all this doesn’t matter because Fb will force this change/update on to its users very very soon (in a weeks time)

With everything said, I think that slowly Fb designers might be moving towards enabling user customization within the layout and design aspects of the page….who knows, maybe!

Here is a link for further reading on the Timeline: click me

p.s I’m liking  the update for the iphone app…