WORLDCHANGING 2.0: REVISED AND UPDATED (a users guide for the 21st Century) by Alex Steffen and Sagmeister Inc.

I read the first version back in 2008 found it very useful for gaining knowledge and understanding on the ‘changes’ going around the world. More to it…
you just have to read it!  (Order online)
‘Worldchanging 2.0 is an urban book, focusing on cities and the systems we need to change to make them carbon-neutral, zero-waste, walkable and equitable engines of prosperity. It’s an ambitious book, full of the kinds of bold thinking we need to engage with to build a truly bright green future: climate foresight and planetary thinking; sustainable design innovations and passivhaus buildings; walksheds, ubiquitous technology and sharing systems; biomimicry and green chemistry;…


‘A fantastic source of inspiration, the book gives insight into the inner workings and private inspiration of creatives from the world of advertising, design, graphic design, fashion design, art, street art, and illustration. Intimate and often unseen, sketchbooks document the sources of inspiration as well as the journey to final execution. Providing a showcase of ideas, the sketchbooks themselves are complemented by interviews where the artists explain how they use their sketchbooks and how these relate to finished works, giving readers a direct and unmediated insight into the process of research and creation.
Richard Brereton began his career in the London and New York art markets, before becoming a television producer for the BBC. He currently lives and works in London and is the editor of GRAPHIC’


Yep! all of the above qualities in this awesome book of Philosophy Terms along with funny stories/ jokes to back it all up. I think its just fantastic, I’ve just finished reading it and I plan to re-read it after afew weeks… this way I keep it all in my mind!
Plato and a Platypus walk into a bar… written by Thomas Cathcart and Daniel Klein… New York Times Best Seller!