All the updates and regular changes to Facebook, have annoyed quite a lot of users in the past and caused a hassle within the Fb community.  Although I was simply never ’emotionally effected’ by any of the updates (considering that I do classify myself as a regular user of Fb), I think its the simple fact that people are afraid of ‘change’!! afraid but yet accept it!

– the truth is in time ‘change’ takes over and complaints fade away!

Anyway I’m going to get straight to the point. Most of you are probably aware of what’s around the corner for Fb users and already some have accepted it: Ladies and Gents I present to you, The Timeline:

What do I think of it? At the moment I’m trying it out and I quite like the layout of the page header but not a praticular fan of the columns.  Anyway all this doesn’t matter because Fb will force this change/update on to its users very very soon (in a weeks time)

With everything said, I think that slowly Fb designers might be moving towards enabling user customization within the layout and design aspects of the page….who knows, maybe!

Here is a link for further reading on the Timeline: click me

p.s I’m liking  the update for the iphone app…


Yeah yeah, I know it’s late…. after all those years of holding back and keeping away and refusal, I have finally signed up for a twitter account: dcreativek

I will give a 1 month trail period before I call my self  ‘a twitter’. If I settle in 1 month I will stay if not farewell little birdy.


Stadium-sized artificial floating volcano aims to fix Earth’s climate. What’s next?

Climatologists are about to embark on a major experiment in geoengineering — where humans deliberately manipulate the Earth’s natural systems to offset the impacts of climate change — with an artificial volcano floating miles above the Earth.

Volcanoes belch chemical particles into the atmosphere, which reflect solar radiation and reduce surface temperatures on the planet. Researchers from various UK universities want to mimic this activity by spraying out sulphate aerosol particles from a 20km-high, stadium-sized balloon.

It might sound like the barmy plan of a comic supervillian, but the concept is serious. The Cambridge, Oxford, Reading and Bristol universities’ SPICE proposal — aka Stratospheric Particle Injection for Climate Engineering — received a £1.6 million government grant and EPSRC backing in 2010.

Now, the British engineers are nearly ready to put their plan into fruition, andThe Guardian notes that the team will carry out its first field test in October. The opening experiment will be seriously scaled down — just 0.6km high, a smaller balloon and water droplets instead of sulphate — to see if the plan is even feasible.

In its secret location out at sea, the water-spewing balloon will be connected to a ship by a tethered hosepipe. This will feed those water droplets to the buoyant, geoengineering zeppelin in the sky. If the plan works, the team will move onto bigger balloons, higher altitude and — eventually — sulphate aerosol particles.  (source: wired.co.uk)

Hello world!

You don’t need to take a step back and realise that something is seriously wrong with the society you’re living in. Every single person  is pretty aware that there is corruption all around!  We’ve heard it over and over, seen it so many times or even felt it and lived it and our minds are manipulated into thinking that its ‘normal’ …
…its part of life or even life its self!
But you start realising that this is only a small part of what the world is going through, the large picture is only revealed when you start ‘thinking more then you should be’!… as told so by others.
The point is there are no limitations to what you can do… There are no excuses for not thinking and there is no reason why you shouldn’t take action! Complaining that your life sucks that you have no job, no money and no stability is only selfish and even so corrupted, when you jump back and look at the bigger painting, you can be blind for all I care but this painting will one day fall on you!
Life is not corrupted but individuals are.
These individuals are our challenges in life… they make the hurdles, shape the world and control the system!
So what are we? It depends what you want to be! A part of the corruption or a leak!
Finally, I don’t know where we will be in 5 or 10 years time… but I do know its us who will shape the world up or maybe even shake the system!