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Nice thinking….

Some key information on the subject it self. It’s similar to what we were taught, but reading through I  came across afew good points.Design Council – The design process

….’Different designers manage the process of design in different ways. But when we studied the design process in eleven leading companies, we found striking similarities and shared approaches among the designers we talked to. In this section we show one way of mapping the design process, and give more detail on the key activities in each of the process’s four stages…’



VP at Apple, Executive at HP and an academic (Harvard, UC San Diego, Northwestern, KAIST).

‘I have seen the future, and I am opposed.’

I fear the future of our technologies, but not for the usual reasons. For me, the future would bring forth solutions to our needs and wants, design that provides value in a sustainable and responsible manner. Technology that is relevant and appropriate. But what I see developing seems driven by greed and profit, resulting in restrictive business plans and attempts to enforce proprietary constraints on activity by corporate empires.
The power of my electronic computing and communication equipment is more dictated by my service provider than by the technology itself. Imagine traveling in the future and entering a new country:

Please have your papers ready. Passport, visa, customs form, medical coverage, service provider roaming agreement.


‘A fantastic source of inspiration, the book gives insight into the inner workings and private inspiration of creatives from the world of advertising, design, graphic design, fashion design, art, street art, and illustration. Intimate and often unseen, sketchbooks document the sources of inspiration as well as the journey to final execution. Providing a showcase of ideas, the sketchbooks themselves are complemented by interviews where the artists explain how they use their sketchbooks and how these relate to finished works, giving readers a direct and unmediated insight into the process of research and creation.
Richard Brereton began his career in the London and New York art markets, before becoming a television producer for the BBC. He currently lives and works in London and is the editor of GRAPHIC’

Hello world!

You don’t need to take a step back and realise that something is seriously wrong with the society you’re living in. Every single person  is pretty aware that there is corruption all around!  We’ve heard it over and over, seen it so many times or even felt it and lived it and our minds are manipulated into thinking that its ‘normal’ …
…its part of life or even life its self!
But you start realising that this is only a small part of what the world is going through, the large picture is only revealed when you start ‘thinking more then you should be’!… as told so by others.
The point is there are no limitations to what you can do… There are no excuses for not thinking and there is no reason why you shouldn’t take action! Complaining that your life sucks that you have no job, no money and no stability is only selfish and even so corrupted, when you jump back and look at the bigger painting, you can be blind for all I care but this painting will one day fall on you!
Life is not corrupted but individuals are.
These individuals are our challenges in life… they make the hurdles, shape the world and control the system!
So what are we? It depends what you want to be! A part of the corruption or a leak!
Finally, I don’t know where we will be in 5 or 10 years time… but I do know its us who will shape the world up or maybe even shake the system!