I just love street art – Specially the ones with a social impact, the ones which make a bold statement!

Check out Mear One  (contemporary American artist) – One of my favourites most recently. (Images Below)


(Image at the top – in London/Bricklane – Hanbury Street)


What makes street art really powerful is that you never know when your about to come across it – It has the power of hitting you without any significant warning. Making you feel uncomfortable, maybe not because you disagree with the statement it makes but you shut your eyes and chose to ignore that particular statement –

Don’t worry- it happens to me sometimes – walking by a magnificent piece of artwork and adoring every bit of it, loving the message it’s sending across – and then WOW! – maybe something needs to be done, I dont know –

All to one side I think all street art is GOLD! It communicates with you wether you like it or not and it doesn’t care from what social background you come from or what language you speak (coz it speaks in every language)  – it’s just there sayin ”Yo, you – yes you – check me out – I am so coooolly done”!

Check out more of Mear One on –