A CASE STUDY: ZIBA FOR TDK. (source: core77) (All image credit: Ziba & Core77)
TDK approach the design team at Ziba to build the bridge between the old and the new.
When you look around today hardly anything is done manually; the user interaction through products, gadgets and objects has changed in a ‘no-going back’ way!
Music is one of the perfect examples, portraying this change. It is so different to adjust a volume or any other enhancement on your player compared to what it was like. Plus not to mention how the digital world enables an easier access to it all!
People perceive the anolog to be social, for the simple fact; because you could touch it. -and I totally agree. You couldn’t bundle a bunch of functions into a single screen back then. Users had this direct connection with the act of playing music, which had this physical attachment between the product and the user, building up to an emotional relationship!
Thats it! everything in design is all about emotional and physical attachments, whether it is good or bad. Anyway to sum it all up: ‘music was harder to get and harder to play back in the day, but because of that we celebrated it!’ -(ziba)
The product line, designed above; show Ziba’s approach to bridge  the gap between the good parts of the analog and digital; ‘Something warm and tactile but also precise and flexible’. – I believe that they have been a success, in terms of doing so – The designs show a great amount of detail and constructive thought. It’s a product range that I would definitely consider having around. I also believe, that the designs  are a success to user satisfaction; visually with an iconic feel to them. Seriously I really appreciate what Ziba has come up with and I hope TDK are satisfied too.