Another fantastic video by Juan Rayos and the Longboard Girls – Endless Roads is a film about freedom. You might ask whats so special about a road trip around Spain and what makes it ‘freedom’ like but when I watched this documentary style film I felt inspired, influenced and kind of jealous by the shooting, music and even the movement whilst skating… its totally ‘dream like’ and I think thats what it is! It transferes the freedom feeling across to the viewer –  Love it.

Check out his vimeo page for the rest of the parts and for more cool stuff!

Endless Roads 1 – Yellow Horizons from Juan Rayos on Vimeo.



Tear resistant, water resistant and flame retardant paper? Vienna-based collective, Papernomad creates bags and covers for mobile electronic devices for this generation of urban nomads. Made of 100% organic materials, the company grew out of a quest to identify industrial niches where traditional materials could be replaced by paper.

The company considers their paper products, “the perfect analog counterbalance to the metal and glass digital world that surrounds us.” With a sheep’s wool lining and a magnetic hemp closure, their products are designed with a C2C lifecycle in mind. And the best of all…you can sketch directly on the covers!

Identity, Sustainability and Sanity encompass our values in a world of constant change. Papernomads are sleeves and covers which capture our experiences as quick scribbles, coffee stains, finger prints, telephone numbers or the occasional lipstick impression. Not unlike a diary, they document our experiences and create reference points in time for us to remember.

Source: core77


(CORE77) Seattle-based design consultancy Artefact feels the printer hasn’t evolved apace with the computers they’re connected to, and their SWYP conceptis designed to address that. The See What You Print machine would boast a full-length touchscreen on its top surface, asking the user to interact with the printer rather than the computer. This is more easily explained via video, so have a look:

SWYP: See What You Print from Artefact on Vimeo.


Outside of metropolitan Manila in the Philippines, there are an astonishing 3 million households living without adequate power and electric lighting. A nonprofit called the MyShelter Foundation, working in conjunction with MIT students, has an ingenious program in place to bring free light to these areas:

Isang Litrong Liwanag (A Liter of Light), is a sustainable lighting project which aims to bring the eco-friendly Solar Bottle Bulb to disprivileged communities nationwide. Designed and developed by students from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), the Solar Bottle Bulb is based on the principles of Appropriate Technologies—a concept that provides simple and easily replicable technologies that address basic needs in developing communities.

The video says it all, and you’ll be surprised at how bright the “bulb” is. (And if you’re wondering what the bleach is for—I initially thought it might have phosphorescent properties—it’s to prevent algae from forming and clouding the “bulb.”)

source: core77



Carrier pigeons haven’t been considered as a practical, efficient mode of communication since World War II, yet eco-conscious shoe companyJojo has found a way to use them for deliveries, physically and digitally. Based on the video below, the Brussels-based brand’s flock is meant to deliver at least as much web traffic as they do shoes.
The bit about having customers submit images of their neighborhoods (for the pigeons’ benefit) is pretty neat, though I’m curious as to how reliably the pigeons can find their destinations based on Google Streetview. (Source: http://www.core77.com)
For what it’s worth, the design ain’t bad…but I wonder how the “pigeon” option would work for U.S. or Belgian addresses. www.jojoproject.com/en
p.s this sounds like a more expensive idea???


Sony has drawn inspiration from its own advertising archive for its latest spot, which sees the 2006 ad Balls recreated in leafy Wimbledon…

The ad, which promotes Sony’s 3D coverage of the Wimbledon tennis championships, was created by digital agency Crayon


Its the acoustic properties of porcelain which were discovered by Joon & Jung, making the function precise as well as the simple form and structure combined with the materials, unique in its own way.
‘Amplified inside the ceramic and wood transmission construction, the sound gains a slight echo, creating a natural feeling of resonance, resembling the distinct flair of an acoustic instrument right in front of you’.

the natural speaker from Studio Joon&Jung on Vimeo.


British street artist banksy was in LA for his oscar-nominated film ‘exit through the gift shop‘ – a documentary which he directed that tells the story of a man’s obsession with street art that includes footage of such artists as shepard fairey, invader and banksy himself – and he hasn’t wasted any time making his mark on the streets of LA and of course, causing a bit of a stir.

bansky’s mickey mouse billboard which has now been removed,(DESIGNBOOM)

Just finish watching the film…and I have to say that I enjoyed every bit!